Founded in 1971 by Tur Oto Inc. and leveraging the 52-year expertise of the Mutlu Family, TurMobil commenced its operations two decades ago under the banner of “Vehicles, Caravans, and Transfers; Pioneering All Under One Roof in Turkey!” With a fleet comprising over 3000 vehicles, it consistently expands its services, catering to a growing clientele.

TurMobil serves customers through 15 different offices around Turkey and a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles. We accommodate individual and corporate requirements for short or long-term vehicle rentals, transfers and chauffeur-driven rentals, travel trailer rentals and boat rentals. The Company is focused on full customer satisfaction and maintains a distinguished reference list.

In addition to existing services, TurMobil also provides yacht-rentals under the “Rudder and Moor” brand. Furthermore, the company is a distributor for Kufner Yachts of Croatia and Dolphin Catamarans of Brazil. Since its inception, TurMobil has abided by the motto “You First”, aiming to provide optimum solutions to its customers and to uphold the highest standards in quality and customer satisfaction. This approach has enabled TurMobil to stand out as a leading business in Turkey.

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