Airstream was built on a dream of discovering the world on wheels. Even after 90 years since company founder Wally Byam built the first Airstream travel trailer, we still uphold the passion to make travel dreams a reality. Our dedicated employees and designers continue to develop and build pleasure and comfort travel trailers to fulfill the imaginations, change the lives and evolve the leisure travel freedom of people all around the world.

Our Values

Clear basic principles unite us and our stakeholders, where we continue to learn from the Airstream legacy with optimum developments for proven sustainability.

Adventurous Spirit

Wally Byam’s passion for adventure continues to be our guiding light. Wally was a pioneer in defining the road travel and comfort styles of Americans and actively sought new opportunities for innovation. He inspires us to have faith in our work, our expertise, our customers and our team, and to step boldly into uncharted territory. At Airstream we take our time to consider the next step, reach our goals and keep climbing from there.


Honesty is the thread that binds all aspects of our business. Nobody may be watching but we still take pride in our work. Integrity, ethics, respect and responsibility are an unshakeable part of our decision-making process and in serving our customers.

Good Will

We have different personalities, interests, past histories and life-styles but we have united under a common goal, to take this great American brand into the future as a beacon of success for generations to come. We respect each other as well as our places of work and play, our local community and the world in general; every individual in the company carries this responsibility. Friendship and good will are at the core of Wally’s vision and the company culture.


We strive for perfection in the quality of our work. All across the board from refining production, to leading the sector with innovation and creativity, adapting to sector demands, giving employees opportunities to fulfill their potential with orientation and training, and to our system of creating an extraordinary customer experience, we will adhere to outstanding standards. There’s no compromise on the road to being the best.

The Airstream Community

With over 16,000 members, the Airstream International Club is a global community of Airstream owners who share a passion for road travel, discovery and freedom. The Community is always thrilled to welcome new members. This passion is also shared between the experts who craft the travel trailers and the Airstream aficionados who venture for discovery.

The Pink Flamingo

A unique symbol and part of the Airstream brand culture, the pink flamingo has earned its place in American history. Since its creation in 1957 the pink flamingo has been the symbol of retro fun-seeking. That’s why so many Airstream owners travel the country and showcase pink flamingos at every stop to say “welcome to our community”. Even though it is not officially part of the main brand, we welcome seeing it used widely to complement the promotion of Airstream.

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