Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Airstream.

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American Airstream models are developed entirely for the US market and comply with technical and legal requirements that differ significantly from those in Europe. See the table below for the differences.



US Models

European Models

Exteriour Width

Longer than 23 feet, too wide and not registrable

Maximum width of 2.55 meters

Drawbar Weight

220 KG to 500 KG

Maximum 150 KG


110 Volt

230 Volt





Air blower heating via air conditioning or heat pump

Water-carrying central heating with radiators

A used Airstream also represents a large investment due to its high value protection and should therefore be carefully planned. In general, Airstream European models offer better value protection than imported US models that have been more or less professionally converted to European standards.

Total Weight – Unladen Weight – Load – Effective Weight

Check the effective unladen weight of the vehicle by weighing it and compare it with the permitted total weight. Unfortunately, we repeatedly see vehicles in use that are significantly heavier than the no-load weight description due to the installation of ballast in the rear and sometimes even exceed the total permitted weight. The possible carrying capacity of a trailer is the difference between the weighed unladen weight and the permitted gross weight. The effective weight and the loaded drawbar load are decisive for whether you are allowed to tow the trailer with your tow vehicle.

With an Airstream motorhome, you are basically self-sufficient when it comes to energy supply and fresh water supply. This is an important prerequisite for independence from campsites.

You can park your vehicle anywhere that is not expressly prohibited (camping is allowed and permitted). Contrary to popular belief, however, it is forbidden to park on the sidewalk, even if it is permitted by a special sign. This is because the gross vehicle weight of an Airstream tow vehicle is usually over 2.8 tons. When parking, you must also respect other road users and not obstruct anyone more than necessary. Parking on a narrow road that causes traffic jams later on can prevent you from having a peaceful night.

In this case, you can spend the night without worry in public caravan campgrounds and public parking lots subject to a permit, unless parking of caravans is expressly prohibited.

Although you can use the facilities inside the Airstream, such as the toilet and kitchen, without hesitation when parking, you should avoid opening the awning, using camping furniture and lowering the supports to avoid suspicion of unauthorized camping.

Wally Byam International Caravan Club

Founded in 1955, the Wally Byam International RV Club has enriched the lives of many Airstream owners over the years. The club is still run today in the spirit of Airstream brand founder Wally Byam and has more than 6000 members. The club is organized into regions and regional units in the United States, Canada, Australia and now Europe. All clubs follow WBCCI rules but have their own bylaws, constitutions, elected boards and membership fees.

Due to the growing number of Airstream owners in Europe, it became necessary to establish a European chapter of the Wally Byam International Caravan Club. WBCCI Europe is the youngest chapter of WBCCI with a rapidly growing membership throughout Europe and was established in July 2015.

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