“Don’t make changes,

  make enhancements.”

Wally M. Byam had many mottos he lived by and he began a new adventure with a Ford Model T he bought in 1929. As a gesture to his wife who loved the outdoors and creature comforts as well, he developed a tent mechanism on the chassis and launched a trailer cult that would endure for decades. This tent evolved into a tear-shaped mobile dwelling that would capture everyone’s attention.

Seizing the opportunity, Wally set up his first factory in Curley City, California in 1931 as the start of the Airstream vision. The first travel trailers off the production lines were ready for sale in 1932, but the Great Depression and later WW2 put Wally and Airstream to the test.

The scarcity of aluminum during WW2 and the US Government mandate of allocating travel trailers to the war effort forced Wally to stop Airstream production for a time. The gifted entrepreneur worked as an engineer in the aviation industry at Curtis Wright Industries. He parted ways in 1947 and formed Airstream Trailer Inc. building on his skills and a new vision.

Starting that day, Wally focused on not only creating a great product but also defining a new life-style. He organized trips with Airstreamers to Central America, Europe, Cape Town and Cairo among other places to spread this life-style around the world. These travels ensured that Airstream became widely popular and a legend as time went by.

The Airstream life-style has become a phenomenon today, promising self-discovery and globe-trotting driven by a passion for freedom and independence. Airstream has been providing courage and inspiration to people on this path for decades. The undeniable success lies in the neat and iconic design; a unique look that bonds owners together into a deep-rooted community, while allowing them to express their individual characters.

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